Tabula Mundi - SILVER edition, 79 cards - LARGE SIZE 3.25x5"
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These are 3.25x5" large cards with the silver borders and titles as formerly seen in the Babalon edition (but not including any of the handmade Babalon extras). Red two part boxes with silver foil symbol choice and optional add on of 14 card expansion pack. 78 cards plus 79th card signed by the artist. Little white book included, expansion pack optional. Full color and holographic backs!

If you order the optional expansion pack, your box will be upgraded to a larger size to accomodate the additional cards.

Due to the high cost of  having both holographic backs and silvered fronts not many of these decks will be printed so they will be going fast.

Here is a link with a short video showing the card backs with the hologram feature:

We happy? – Tabula Mundi Tarot

Here is a link about the decan expansion pack:

Ways to use the decan cards in the Tabula Mundi expansion pack – Tabula Mundi Tarot

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Tabula Mundi - SILVER edition, 79 cards - LARGE SIZE 3.25x5"

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