Tabula Mundi - 79 MID SIZE 4x2.6" COLOR
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Tabula Mundi Manus Perfectus (translated as "hand perfect") is a new edition of Tabula Mundi sized to match the mid Thoth edition - the perfect size for shuffling at 4x2.6". 78 traditional cards plus a 79th card signed by the artist. Optional expansion pack of 14 cards can be added. No little white book. 2 part hard case with silver foiled Tabula Mundi quartered cross symbol. Backs have holographic details!


Here is a link with a short video showing the card backs with the hologram feature:

We happy? – Tabula Mundi Tarot

Here is a link about the decan expansion pack:

Ways to use the decan cards in the Tabula Mundi expansion pack – Tabula Mundi Tarot


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Tabula Mundi - 79 MID SIZE 4x2.6" COLOR

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