Pharos Large Majors with DELUXE packaging
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Pharos Tarot Majors are available in three versions of an extra-large Majors only set: Bordered with both standard (Thoth based) titles and alt titles and with the attribution symbols, OR bottom black border with alt titles and Roman Numerals. in the Golden Dawn King scale, OR completely borderless with alt titles.

The alt titles are unique to Pharos, and reference the motif of the parts ot the Lighthouse.

See example of the 3 versions at

Cards are Extra Large sized, 4x6.25 inches. This is a very small edition, and it's likely these won't be repeated. 

Each deck is $49. Or if you order all three at once (see option for +$86 in the drop down) you get them for $45 each - all three for $135 (49+86), If ordering all three, there is an additional estimated shipping cost. Excess shipping will be refunded.

Note: This is the DELUXE package that PRE-ORDER customers received for the price of the standard. I only made a few extras of each version over and above the preorder tally. They will likely be discontinued due to the amount of labor.

This package includes the 25 card deck banded in metallic paper plus the signed and numbered signature card, packaged in a metallic cardstock folder banded and embossed with the Pharos logo. This DELUXE version also includes special packaging upgrades with extras including hand cut paper art and a hand painted surprise item. (Card stands now discontinued, but all other items remain in all versons.) Each version comes in a different color to match the edition.

There is a small extra shipping charge applied to orders of all three due the weight difference between one and three decks, but in many cases this will be refunded after purchase if it does not apply to your order.

To preserve the surprise offerings, photos will be posted after pre-orders have reached their destinations.

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Pharos Large Majors with DELUXE packaging

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